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Geospatial Informatics

Google Earth / KML Generation

Google Earth is a fantastic tool for displaying detailed geospatial and temporal information that would be typically be difficult to visualize.  This section shows some sample projects that have been generated to display information from localized inspection results to nation-wide infrastructure information across a number of industries.

Railroad Surface Inspection KML

Rail KML 1.jpg

This KML file shows the results from a detailed track inspection for a rail customer.  This local inspection covers a dozen miles of track with millimeter resolution imagery.

Lightning Mitigation KML

FPL KML 1.jpg

This KML file shows the potential effect of lightning on an energy customer's infrastructure using dynamic satellite mapping of lightning strikes.

Petroleum Reconnaissance KML

Deer Park KML 1.jpg

This is a passive analysis of a petroleum processing plant in Texas using satellite imaging and aerial collections.

Domestic Energy Information KML

EIA Data KML.jpg

This is an amalgamation of research on the current national energy, petroleum, and mining infrastructure.  All information shown here was gathered from public sources.

Namibia Mining Informatics KML

Namibia KML.jpg

This KML shows the current state of mining and infrastructure resources available in the African country of Namibia.  This information was gathered from numerous public sources to provide a customer with a snapshot of the resources available in the country.



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