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Geospatial Informatics

Domestic Energy 

This is an amalgamation of research on the current national energy, petroleum, and mining infrastructure.  All information shown here was gathered from public sources.

Clicking on the Google Earth icon below will download a KMZ file that contains all of the maps shown on this page.

Domestic Energy Infrastructure Interactive Map

National Pipeline Infrastructure

These maps show oil, gas, natural gas, crude, and HGL pipeline networks across the continental United States.

Processing Plants

These maps show the locations of petroleum refinereies and processing plants across the continental US.


These maps show the distribution terminals and hubs for petroleum products across the US


This map shows active and inactive coal mines across the continental United States.  Other types of mines are present in the US, but are not detailed on these maps.

Power Plants

This map shows all of the power generation sites of sufficient capacity to be tracked by the EIA.


These maps show the locations of domestic petroleum reserves and underground storage sites in the US.

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