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Geospatial Informatics

Namibia Mining Informatics KML

This work was done to show the current state of mining and infrastructure resources available in the African country of Namibia.  This information was gathered from numerous public sources to provide a customer with a snapshot of the resources, climate, geology, etc. available in the country.

Clicking on the Google Earth icon below will download a KMZ file that contains all of the maps shown on this page.

Namibia Interactive Map

*Requires Google Earth to be installed​

Namibia Mine Locations

These maps show the locations of mines across Namibia.

Namibia Geology

These maps show rock types and the general geology of the region.

Namibia Geography

This map is a digital terrain model (DTM) of the full country of Namibia.

Namibia Hydrography

These maps show the locations of rivers, tributaries, and general hydrological data across the country.

Namibia Climate

These maps show general climate data for Namibia

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