Anthony Hinson

Founder | CEO

Anthony Hinson is the founder and CEO of Manifold Analytics, Inc., a Florida-based inspection analytics company.  He is currently developing a distributed processing platform that is tailored for applying machine vision and deep learning analysis for energy infrastructure and drone imagery.

Anthony has spent the last 15 years developing algorithms and software for numerous defense and intelligence systems with Lockheed Martin.  His work at Lockheed has been largely focused on machine vision and photogrammetry for satellite, missile, and drone systems.  He was a principal algorithm developer and architect for both the JASSM and LRASM missile programs, developing both advanced mission planning algorithms and core missile guidance software.  He has also served as the satellite imaging subject matter and liaison to NGA for a half dozen programs.

Anthony’s focus transitioned to commercial applications in 2013 where he began to use satellite imagery and drones for detailed analysis of mining, rail, and energy industries.  He also developed Lockheed Martin’s Precision Terrain product which is a focal point of the Applied Research group and is expected to generate >$100M in defense and commercial sales. Anthony left Lockheed in 2018 to create Manifold Analytics.

Career Profile

Some of the projects developed by Anthony over the last decade are shown in the following sections.  

Terrain Modelling

Rail Surface Inspection

Rail Critical Asset Detection

Energy Inspection

Oil & Gas Inspection

Mining Inspection

Detection and Classification

Tracking and Routing

Computational Geometry

Geospatial Informatics

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