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Manifold Analytics Railroad Inspection


Track Inspection

Track surface inspection measures elements of the track, crossties, and overall geometry to detect current and emerging problems with the rail infrastructure.  Information derived from the aerial scans can be provided in PDF reports or as KML data for viewing geospatially.


Geospatial Tools

Manifold KML allows a user to interact with the collected data and view information from a large system overview, down to sub-inch views all within Google Earth.

Rail KML 1.jpg
Google Earth KML
Clicking will Download KML File

Note: The imagery in this example KML has been significantly

reduced in resolution to minimize download time.

Rail Gage Measurement


The Manifold gage measurement algorithm can determine the distance between the rails on a track to within ¼”.  These measurements are made using a high end photogrammetric aerial camera and Rosetta image processing algorithms.



Rail Gage Inspection Examples



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Crosstie Orientation

Crosstie orientation analysis evaluates the rail crossties for signs of movement relative to the track.  This allows the rail company to inspect for issues like crosstie degradation, track warping, and ballast settling without having to send a technician to inspect.

The green box ends at the end of each crosstie indicate the tie was detected and is within spec.  The ties that are highlighted yellow or red indicate ties that require repair.




Rail Crosstie Orientation Inspection Examples