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Manifold Analytics Telecom Inspection

Telecom Inspection Algorithms

Tower Corrosion

This algorithm uses spectral classification to determine if a transmission tower has significant surface corrosion.

Line Sag

Line sag is the measurement of the lowest point of each line over the terrain. Manifold can make sag assessments with a single georeferenced image.

Tower Coverage Analysis

This approach involves performing viewshed on the high resolution precision terrain digital surface model to determine line of sight from a tower’s antennae to the ground.

Pole Lean

Pole lean inspection uses progressive looks at a distribution pole to determine its lean from plumb.

Asset Detection and Geolocation

This algorithm uses drone metadata and neural network classification to detect and geolocate components at the tops of distribution poles.

Cell Tower Inspection

High resolution imagery is taken in a helical orbit of the tower to capture full coverage of the tower to use with change detection and corrosion algorithms.

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