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Response Map Generation


Response map generation is used to automate the creation of a crew deployment plan for dynamically responding to maintenance or emergency concerns. An environment map is created for the operational area which can then be used to quickly estimate team deployment times.

Routing - ResponseMapGeneration

Routing - ResponseMapGeneration

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The example shown below was developed for an international customer and details a petroleum pipeline passing through swamp and littoral lands.  Response teams are stationed on the water at 4 locations along the pipeline. This simulation places incidents along the pipeline at different locations and shows the expected response for each team to get to the incident location.

The magenta X shows the incident location and the best response team options are shown in the order of green, yellow, orange, red.


This approach uses an extremely fast costmap and auto-router algorithm that allows numerous weighted cost profiles to be added to the map to help guide the optimal path.  The examples below show the autorouter being used to solve complex maze problems.  Even the most complex of these mazes was solved by the autorouter in less than 1 second.

Routing - HugeMaze.png

Maze Solution

Routing - HugeMazeZoom.png
Routing - HugeMazeCostmap.png

Traversal Costmap

Routing - HugeMazeCostmapZoom.png
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