Manifold Analytics Oil & Gas Inspection

Petroleum Inspection Algorithms

Data Process Support

Manifold can provide additional data processing support ranging such as geospatial partitioning, general data informatics, spectral balancing, and more

Data Visualization

Manifold can take data from numerous data sources and generate simplified map views and analytics.

RF Sensor Monitoring

Manifold can ingest RF data collected by a drone during inspection collections and generate custom analysis products.

Response Mapping

Response mapping provides terrain analysis (via satellite imagery) and auto-routing algorithms to indicate the best route to get to assets that aren’t easily accessible.

Spill Analysis and Regional Impact

Spill measurement and automatic spill detections are cataloged and analyzed to measure overall geospatial footprint and propagation.

Change Detection

General change detection techniques can be employed to detect all types of issues, ranging from oil spills to ground surface settling.

Remote Asset Inspection

This algorithm captures high resolution images of remote field equipment automatically using accurate drone image metadata and geofencing.

Vegetation Classification

Vegetation classification involves identifying different types of vegetation visually using multispectral and structural characterization.

POL Tank Monitoring

This algorithm estimates the filled and total volumes of POL tanks using shape analysis and photogrammetric techniques.

Access Road Monitoring

This algorithm performs volumetric change detection and provides requirements for filling and reshaping of access roads that require seasonal maintenance

Vegetation Encroachment

This algorithm detects if vegetation has grown inside the right of way of an above ground pipeline corridor.

Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Gaseous hydrocarbon leaks are detected using high sensitivity “sniffers” and IR-based hydrocarbon “notch-detection” sensors.

Oil Spill Detection

Oil spills are detected using multispectral and thermal analysis.

Corrosion Detection

This algorithm uses a pipeline detection algorithm and neural network classification to identify locations on the pipeline that appear to have corrosion.

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