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Manifold Analytics Environmental Inspection

Environmental Inspection Algorithms

Vegetation Health

Vegetation health is assessed by Manifold using airborne or spaceborne imagery using a series of over 50 vegetation analysis indices.

Forest Fire Mapping

The forest fire mapper detects fires and smoke in vegetation and provides geospatial informatics about size, propagation, etc.

Marine Mammal Detection

Marine mammal detection detects the presence of whales, walruses, dolphins, etc. in a series of airborne ocean pictures.

Forest Fire Fuel Analysis

Using satellite imagery, this algorithm can determine the availability of materials to burn in a forest fire. This information is used as part of a forest fire risk assessment.

Smoke/Cloud Detection

This algorithm detects smoke or clouds from airborne or spaceborne imagery.

Terrestrial Mammal Tracking

This algorithm tracks dozens to hundreds of animals in a video stream simultaneously.

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