Manifold Analytics Energy Inspection

Energy Inspection Algorithms

Asset Detection and Geolocation

This algorithm uses drone metadata and neural network classification to detect and geolocate components at the tops of distribution poles.

Detailed Component Inspection

This new branch of analysis involves performing specific health analysis of different components at the tops of poles and towers.

Tower Corrosion

This algorithm uses spectral classification to determine if a transmission tower has significant surface corrosion.

Line Sag

Line sag is the measurement of the lowest point of each line over the terrain. Manifold can make sag assessments with a single georeferenced image.

Vegetation Encroachment

This algorithm detects if vegetation has grown inside the right of way of the transmission line corridor.

Vegetation Health

Vegetation health is assessed by Manifold using airborne or spaceborne imagery to determine if trees represent a fall risk for nearby power lines.

Line Detection and Counting

This inspection element detects the number of lines on a given pole or tower to assist in accurate accounting.

Pole Lean

Pole lean inspection uses progressive looks at a distribution pole to determine its lean from plumb.

Thermal Inspection / Analysis

Components are captured with midwave and longwave imagers to detect hotspots on equipment.

Ice Accumulation

Thermal and visual analysis are used to determine if powerline contain significant ice accumulation

Bird Nest Inspection

This algorithm inspects towers and poles for active bird nests to mitigate environmental concerns.

Woodpecker Hole Detection

Woodpecker hole assessment uses visual imaging of a pole to determine if damage to a wooden pole has occurred.

Automated Report Generation

PDF reports can be auto generated from results base on analysis.

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